The first appointment is an initial assessment and it is an opportunity for us to begin to put together a picture of how things are for you, why things are that way, and what you would like to be different.

We will ask you questions about why you referred to our service, whether you believe you have a problem or not, things you may have tried before to cope with what is going on, the effect it has on your life and work, and how it feels for you. At the end of the assessment we will discuss our understanding of what is going on for you and aim to give you our clinical recommendations on treatment options at the end of the appointment.

Before you attend your first appointment we will ask you to complete some specific questionnaires to help us understand what is going on for you. These questionnaires are very useful and can be used in treatment to see the progress people have made during treatment sessions. Please take the time to complete these and give these to your therapist.

If we agree that therapy would be helpful, then we will arrange further dates and times for you to attend a number of appointments. We offer flexible times and types of sessions, such as phone or Skype or in person. Treatment sessions would usually be weekly appointments.

Some of your questions regarding assessment appointments and treatment may be answered here.

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