Research indicates that the number of people with BDD seeking cosmetic procedures is greater than in the general population, with estimates suggesting that up to 15% of cosmetic surgery seekers are suffering from BDD or another mental health problem. This does not mean that you suffer from a mental health problem or BDD because you want cosmetic surgery. However, if you are seeking a number of cosmetic procedures without feeling satisfied by their outcomes or if you have a history of BDD and want to have cosmetic surgery, then an assessment may be helpful for you before seeking surgical treatment.

There are many other signs that a cosmetic surgeon will look for before commencing treatment and if they feel there may be a psychological problem impacting a person’s decision for treatment they are required to refer this person to a clinical psychologist before they can commence treatment. This does not mean that a person with BDD, body image concerns, or a history of either cannot have cosmetic surgery. It is instead to ensure that a person understands how their mental health might contribute to their desire to have cosmetic surgery, and be informed about other treatment possibilities for BDD.

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