We offer services to professionals in the cosmetic surgery industry to help to streamline the experience for clients. This includes a clinical assessment of clients that a cosmetic professional feels may be suffering from a mental health condition or psychological difficulties that may negatively impact on the outcome of the cosmetic intervention.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Code of Conduct states that a pre-assessment of a client's suitability for a cosmetic procedure must include an assessment of their psychological state, and the Royal College of Surgeons state in their Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice that potential clients must have a brief psychological assessment and that the surgeon must consider whether to refer the client on to a clinical psychologist for further assessment and treatment.

We work in partnership with Cosmetic Practices to ensure that client's psychological well-being is appropriately managed through the process of undertaking cosmetic procedures. To enquire about individual assessment sessions, discuss the prospect of a partnership with our clinic or arrange for staff training or tailored workshops please contact us.

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