Adolescents are most at risk of developing negative body image, and this can lead on to severe mental health problems later in life. In addition, the way adolescents interact with each other can have serious implications in later life. For example, most people suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder as adults have experienced teasing or bullying as a young person. There is evidence that providing educational workshops in schools improves self-esteem and increases positive body image for adolescents.

The Body Image Clinic offers psycho-educational awareness sessions for young people in secondary school, as well as for their teachers and their parents. The aim of these sessions is to promote positive body image, to increase awareness of psychological difficulties with body image and related disorders, and to provide clinical support and advice.

These workshops can be run during school or after school and on weekends, and can vary from 1 hour – 3 hours. We can tailor these workshops towards teenagers or parents, and teachers. We aim to cover:

  • What is Body Image, when does it become a problem and how can we improve our body image.
  • Problems related to poor body image, including depression, body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders
  • Bullying awareness
  • What to do if you suspect someone is suffering from one of these psychological disorder
  • Sources of support

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